right from the start


for people experiencing psychosis for the first time. Getting the RIGHT support early to deal with mental difficulties improves prospects for recovery. Indeed that’s why Early Intervention in Psychosis services developed. But it’s also really important to support physical health RIGHT FROM THE START too.

BLOGDavid Shiers and Professor Tim Kendall  discuss how the seeds for future heart trouble and diabetes can be sewn early.

Here’s the problem… LOW EXPECTATIONS Poor physical health is too often seen as inevitable for people who experience psychosis and its treatment.

Well we at The Psychosis Research Unit don’t buy this! Severe weight gain, diabetes, bad teeth, early heart trouble – why should people with psychosis just accept these as part and parcel of what they can expect? ALL these problems can be avoided with the RIGHT approach early and before these problems become established. After all that’s what people WITHOUT psychosis expect if they are found to be at higher risk of developing these physical problems in the future.



We are very grateful to Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust for supporting the RIGHT FROM THE START initiative through its excellent Dragon’s Den programme. This allowed a team from the Trust’s Psychosis Research Unit to engage its early intervention in psychosis services, both service users and practitioners, who so generously gave their time to a series of workshops at the heart of RIGHT FROM THE START.

And special mention and thanks go to: Astrid Johnson for her brilliant design work and key contributions to the many workshops. Carl Bateson & Media Cult Solutions for Consultancy & Web Design work.
Dr Jackie Curtis who came all the way from Sydney NSW to attend our very first RIGHT FROM THE START workshop.
Jackie and colleagues from The Bondi Early Intervention in Psychosis service have been special friends to us through the Healthy Active Lives collaboration